TEDx Broadway: The Bloggers Speak

February 7th, 2012 Comments Off on TEDx Broadway: The Bloggers Speak

When I live-blogged the TEDx Broadway gathering two weeks ago, it had been my intention to subsequently write a follow-up synthesis of, and commentary on, the event. However, I found that as a result of furiously synopsizing four and a half hours of presentations about the future of Broadway, theatre, society and more, I had managed to record the event, but wasn’t truly equipped to reflect upon it, since the task had proven to be rather overwhelming.

Consequently, I’d like to make up for that lack of authorial perspective by directing your attention to some of the blogs which did emerge from TEDx Broadway, making excellent companion pieces to my original on-the-fly coverage.

Ryan Bogner, “Thoughts From The Future,” on crazytownblog.com

Adam Grosswirth on the National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s NAMT Blog

Loganne, “Broadway in 2032: TEDx Broadway looks to the future,” on theatreadvisorblog.com

Aaron Malkin, “Getting To The ‘What’ Of It,” on howlround.com

Reynaldi, “TEDx Broadway: Things Left Unsaid,” on swiftlyandtilting.wordpress.com

James Sims, “Just A Dream Away,” on the 2amtheatre blog

Virginia Wilcox, “My Humble Takeaways from TEDx Broadway 2012,” on acceptanceprojectnyc.blogspot.com

If you blogged about your experience at TEDx Broadway and I’ve failed to include you here, just drop me a note with the appropriate link and I’ll update this post accordingly. The more views and accounts, the better.

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