For Randy, As He Heals

January 27th, 2014 § 9 comments

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There’s nothing I can say. This inexplicable attack leaves me, and no doubt others, inarticulate. Hold Randy Gener in your heart as he recovers. Do what you can to support him in that recovery. Speak out against violence and hate whenever you’re able. Look at the handful of photos below as an insufficient record of a public expression of love for Randy, on behalf of all who were there and all who wish they could have been.

From WCBS 2 News, “Cops Investigate Beating Of Journalist Randy Gener As Possible Hate Crime” (condensed):

As WCBS 880′s Monica Miller reported, Randy Gener — an award-winning arts journalist who has worked for the New York Daily News, The New York Times, the Village Voice and NPR — was on his way home from a party near West 54th Street and Seventh Avenue in the early hours of Jan. 17 when he was attacked and left in a pool of his own blood. Gener, 45, has undergone brain surgery at St. Luke’s Hospital since the attack and is scheduled to have another. Gener had attended a performance on Broadway that evening and was only a short walk from his home his spouse Stephen Nisbet explained. “Three more minutes he would have been in his own bed,” Nisbet said. The NYPD said it is looking at the attack as a possible bias crime. Anyone with information is asked to call 800-577-TIPS.

From the Facebook page, “Candlelight Vigil in Support of Randy Gener”:

Randy Gener is an editor, writer, and artist, who has made a significant impact in the Filipino American and arts/theater community in New York and worldwide. On January 17, 2014, he was brutally attacked in Manhattan, a few blocks from his home. He suffered brain trauma and is currently still in the hospital. We, as New Yorkers, demand an end to hate violence in our city. We as LGBTQ folks, Filipino Americans, people of color, and allies want to feel safe on our streets again. Join us for a candlelight vigil to show your support to Randy and to proclaim to the world that hate violence will not be tolerated. Sunday, 1/26/14 at 6pm. Bring your own candles, bundle up, and be prepared to march a few blocks.

Randy reportedly had no medical insurance does have medical insurance, but he faces a long and challenging recovery process, the cost of which is expected to exceed the coverage. To lend your support, please make a donation. edit RG justice RG group camera RG flag RG candlelight editRG deli corner edit RG ipad


Update, January 28, from The New York Times, “Midtown Attack Investigated as Hate Crime.”

Ten days after being attacked, Randy Gener can talk again. He also now recognizes his husband and his sister, seated at his hospital bedside. But Mr. Gener, an openly gay Filipino journalist, remembers little of how he ended up there…

On Monday he was awake, alert and eager to talk about his work, writing freelance articles on theater and gay rights issues for a number of publications that have included The New York Times and The Miami Herald. “I’m not trying to push his memory, but we’re just focusing on the basics — where you are, why are you here,” said his sister, Jessica Blair-Driessler. “I’m trying to get him to talk to me about that day.”