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A selection of media appearances and interviews:

NEW YORK TIMES, “Nonprofit Companies Enjoying, Well, Profits,” December 17, 2011

In a story casting a jaundiced eye at extended runs of show by not-for-profit theaters, I make a few observations in an attempt to debunk the negative premise of the piece.

THE GUARDIAN, “Noises Off,” December 8, 2011

My essay for HowlRound, the official Journal of ArenaStage’s New Play Institute, is referenced in the arts pages of this London newspaper, connecting it to two other articles that recently appeared in their pages.


THEATRE BEYOND TWITTER livestream, November 19, 2011

After a series of impromptu Twitter encounters, Washington Post critic Peter Marks met in person at Arena Stage to explore theatre in more than just 140 word snippets. The entire 80 minute quasi-debate, moderated by American Theatre magazine’s Jim O’Quinn, is here.


REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY Podcast, November 14, 2011

Before we gathered to dismember the film Anonymous, I sat down with the RSC’s Austin Tichenor to discuss, per his summary, “the power of social media, the value of backstage access, and the evolving nature of arts communications.”


LAW AND ORDER: SVU, “True Believers,” November 2, 2011

In what was surely a simultaneous acting debut and farewell performance, I appeared as “Jury Foreman” on an episode of Law and Order: SVU, fulfilling a lifelong dream of sitting the jury box on an episode of this prolific television dynasty. Speaking never crossed my mind, but as you will see…I had dialogue. How did this happen? Twitter!



A guest appearance with the members of the Reduced Shakespeare Company — Reed Martin, Matt Rippy, Austin Tichenor, and office manager Alli Bostedt — on their podcast to dissect the “Who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays?” movie, Anonymous.


NYC MEDIA’S “Secrets of New York,”  June 28, 2011

On an episode dedicated to New York’s theatrical secrets, I share the history of the American Theatre Wing’s famed World War II nightclub, the Stage Door Canteen (2nd segment).


NEW YORK TIMES, “Anything But Theater (At Least for a Night Or Two,” June 2, 2011

I was invited to write a guest “Theater Talkback” for the paper, and I focused on why too much theatre isn’t necessarily a good thing.


NEW YORK TIMES, ‘In A Field Of Reason, Lawyers Woo Luck Too,” February 17, 2011

In a story about legal rituals, I’m quoted describing famous theatrical superstitions.


NEW YORK TIMES, “August Wilson Play To Go On Despite Official’s Objection”, January 21, 2011

I’m referenced in a story about efforts to cancel a high school production of “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” in Connecticut.


NEW YORK TIMES, “5 Questions About A List About Movies About Theater,” December 20, 2010

An interview about my  popular blog posts about fictional films and documentaries about theatre.


NEW YORK TIMES, “Musicals Born On Broadway Cause Jitters,” October 12, 2010

Comments in story about musicals opening on Broadway without the benefit of out-of-town tryouts.


NEW YORK 1, Tech Minute,  April 7, 2010

Interviewed for spotlight piece on the American Theatre Wing’s extensive archive of online theatrical resources.


AMERICAN THEATRE WING, “Downstage Center,” March 3, 2010

The tables were turned on me when my longtime friend, the actor Richard Thomas, guest hosted the American Theatre Wing’s Downstage Center podcast — and I was the guest.


MSNBC, May 7, 2007

I recap of the history of The Tony Awards and the story of their namesake, actress & director Antoinette Perry.


AMERICAN THEATRE WING, “Working in the Theatre,” April 1995

In 1995, while serving as general manager of Goodspeed Musicals in Connecticut, I was a guest on the  “Working in the Theatre” program — having no idea that eight years later, I’d be the executive director of The Wing, as well as executive producer of “Working in the Theatre.”

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