Times Square Weirdness: 2016 In Review

December 26th, 2016 Comments Off on Times Square Weirdness: 2016 In Review

Given that it was merely a stray amusement that became a popular offshoot of my photography hobby, “Times Square Weirdness” went worldwide this year with my discovery of Mike Hot-Pence (aka Glen Pannell), who used his resemblance to the Vice-President-elect to raise funds for progressive causes. Profiles everywhere from the Washington Post to People magazine to BuzzFeed all got their start on this site, and while the inspired idea was 100% Glen’s, it was my photos and blog post that caught the media’s attention – until such time as the media just keep feeding upon itself. And I should say that both Glen and his causes were really far from weird.

Most of the year was my usual array of motley Elmos and Elsas, Cookie Monsters and Hulks, Olafs and  Spider-Men. None are ever posed, none are paid, all are images captured when going from one place to another in Times Square, not the result of hours-long stakeouts. This is but a small sampling.

Enjoy – but please remember, all photos © 2016, Howard Sherman.


Elmo prepares to eat Iron Man


Minion and chill


Alexander Spider-Man, his name is Alexander Spider-Man


I’m not angry, I’m scared


The Cat in the Hat skulks back


Was it something Hulk said?


Pickle on the lam


Mike Hot-Pence


Creepy Anna


Olaf and the Elsa twins


Red, White and Blue




The Donald


The Hulk transforms


The hot clown


Inhumans of New York


It’s filthy down here


T. Rex takes selfie


Minion Captain America may cry

In case you missed this in 2015: Times Square Weirdness, A Photographic Portfolio.

All photos © 2016, Howard Sherman

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